Xdn3200 3200mm/4060mm sewage pipe mixing pipe jacking machine

Detailed description of XDN3200H-R pipe jacking machine\'s technical characteristics1.XDN3200H-R\'s technical requirementsXDN3200H-R pipe jacking machine adopts a split design, including the head, main jacking device, pumping station, mud system, etc., using PLC control, display visual operation and many

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Detailed description of XDN3200H-R pipe jacking machine's technical characteristics
1.XDN3200H-R's technical requirements
XDN3200H-R pipe jacking machine adopts a split design, including the head, main jacking device, pumping station, mud system, etc., using PLC control, display visual operation and many other advanced control technologies and our company's proprietary technology. Main performance parameters and control technology has reached the domestic advanced level. The hydraulic system, deceleration device, electrical control system and other main components are selected from well-known domestic and foreign brands with reliable quality. Its main technical advantages are as follows:
(1)It uses Wannan/Siemens motors, Japanese Omron controllers and displays, British Penny displacement sensors, American Danfoss oil pressure sensors and Honeywell proximity switches. The main components such as circuit breakers and relays of the electric control cabinet adopt the French Schneider brand, which not only pays attention to the quality and quality of the main electrical components, but also pays attention to the details of the electrical system to ensure its working reliability.
(2)It is equipped with Pfister solenoid valve, a well-known brand, and the product quality is stable and reliable.
(3)It adopts Italian Brevini reducer, the gear of the reduction gear and the key parts of the main shaft are made of 20CrMoTi, and it is carburized and quenched, which is more than 20% stronger than ordinary 42CrMo, 40Cr and other materials, with a large margin and long gear life.
(4)It has undergone a complete air tightness test, including mud pipelines and high-pressure water circuits.
(5)It uses the industry's original 24V DC console, which is more safe.
(6)It uses oil cylinders and hoses produced by the well-known   hydraulic parts factory in China, which are professionally produced and durable.
It mainly contains the following components:
1.1 Articulated shield
Modular design, easy to disassemble and transport; use high-torque reducer, strong power, stable and reliable quality; replaceable cutter head design can meet the needs of a variety of different working conditions. According to the construction technology of the pipe jacking machine, advanced PLC control technology is applied to monitor and alarm through the lack of phase detection, pressure monitoring, current monitoring and other parameters to effectively protect the safety of the machine and construction.
Applicable soil: rock
Applicable pipe: cement pipe/steel pipe
Cutting method: full section
1.2 Main top device
It adopts a straight-top structure, a split cylinder support, a foundation pit guide rail, and a backrest plate. It works reliably, and the high-strength ring-shaped top iron disperses the jacking stress.
Cylinder stroke: 2500mm
Applicable pipe length: 2000mm
1.3 Pump station
It uses high-efficiency and energy-saving motors and well-known brand hydraulic components domestic and international, with stable operation, low noise and energy saving.
1.4 Mud system
1)The mud sending and discharging pumps are all sand and gravel pumps, all of which have the characteristics of wear resistance and strong power. By controlling each bypass valve, it can meet the needs of mud sending and discharging in the working well and in the machine to meet the needs of construction.
2)The independent grouting system effectively improves the lubricity of the articulated shieldand the peripheral wall of the pipe, and significantly improves the construction efficiency.
2.Main technical parameter requirements of XDN3200H-R
Articulated shieldOuter diameter×lengthΦ4060×5650
Rotating speed0-4.3r/min
Correction systemCylinder2000kN×8
Rated voltageAC380V(50HZ)
Total power227.5kW
Main top cylinderThrust2000kN×8
Pump stationMotor power18.5kW×2
Rated pressure32MPa
Mud systemSlurry in pumpMotor power37kW
Slurry out pumpMotor power45kW
Grouting pumpMotor power11kW


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