Pipeline Sonar Inspection System Gd-X4 Pipeline Section Sonar Imager

                              Pipeline Sonar Testing System GD-X4 Pipeline Section Sonar Imager                                             

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                              Pipeline Sonar Testing System GD-X4 Pipeline Section Sonar Imager
                                                                                                        Pipeline Sonar Testing System Gd-X4 Pipeline Section Sonar Imager

Product overview
When the pipeline is full of water without emptying conditions, any traditional video testing method fails to obtain a better testing effect. However, GD-X4 pipeline section sonar imager is just applicable to such pipelines (various pipelines with diameter or section up to 125mm~6000mm).

For structural defects (such as deformation, collapse, crack, encrustation, secret joint of branch pipelines, etc.) and functional defects (such as deposition, floaters) of most pipelines,GD-X4 pipeline section sonar imager can reach an accurate effect and a mouse is adopted for measurement and analysis.

GD-X4 pipeline section sonar imager is composed of four parts including sonar capsule, cable reel, host computer and Pipe Sonar pipeline sonar testing imaging analysis software. By adopting sonar imaging technology, the underwater scanning unit (sonar capsule) is placed underwater inside the pipeline (both the full and semi-full pipeline are available) and the image moves by creeper or artificial dragging (sliding or floating) inside the pipeline. Integrating Pipe Sonar pipeline sonar testing imaging analysis software, the host computer can acquire and display profile pictures with high resolution. Any deposition and coagulation inside the pipeline or structural damage pipe wall damage on the pipe wall can be determined by the analysis of profile features.

Technical parameters
Name of component QtyTechnical Parameters and Descriptions
11. Size: 346mm in total length; diameter up to 50mm\70mm;
2. Material: stainless casing;
3. Waterproof: IP68, maximum underwater depth up to 1000m;
   4. Operating temperature: 0~40ºC;
   5. Storage temperature:-20~70ºC;
   6. Weight: 1.75kg in water and 3kg in air;
   7. Acoustic frequency: 2MHz;
   8. Beam width: 1.1deg (3dB), with conical beam;
   9. Resolution range: (0.125m ): 0.5mm;
   10. Maximum applicable pipe diameter: 6000mm;
   11. Emission pulse width: 4~20us;
   12. Receiving bandwidth: 500KHz;
   13. Power requirements: 26V DC (+/-1V), 0.5A constant; 1A peak.
Master control box1 set1.Size: 110mm * 165mm * 35mm;
2. Weight: 0.2kg;
3. Power supply: 220V electric supply connection.
Manual cable reel1pc1. Counting: high precision coder(+ 0.1M), used for measuring   
the length of cables;
    2.Cable arrangement: manual winding device;
    3.Protection: IP63, dust proof and water-spattering resistance;
    4.compatibility: applicable to various models of creepers;
    5. Size: 330mm * 420mm * 570mm.
1pc1. Specification: diameter up to 8.5mm, 96.28g/m, maximum cable attenuation: 40dB (2MHz);
2. Protection: multi-core reinforced cable with 227kg reinforced Kevlar polyurethane sheath, which is wearable, waterproof and anti-corrosive, with anti-curve radius of no more than 50mm, and it is equipped with cable joint traction protection device;
3. Length: standard cable length is of 150m and it can be customized.
1 pc1. Specification: diameter up to 8.5mm,96.28g/m;
2. Protection: multi-core reinforce cable with 227kg reinforced Kevlar polyurethane sheath;
3. Length: standard cable length is of 5m, and it can be customized.
1 set1. Stainless material; integral cylinder design; applicable range of pipe diameter: 150mm~6000mm;
   2. Size: 140mm * 70mm * 400mm;
3. Weight: 2kg;
4. Buoyancy force: 5kg;
1 pc1. Strength: high-strength integrative packing case for construction;
2. Portability: with tension rod and wheels, it is portable.
 Sonar imaging acquisition software1 pc 
It is installed in a computer and connected with the main control box through USB data wire, used for real-time display and acquisition of testing images during the detection. A sonar image shows pipeline sections, representing the echo intensity reflected from the pipe wall through colors (red indicates a strong echo signal while blue stands for a weak echo signal).The echo intensity describes the inner surface of the pipeline or its sectional structure.
Sonar imaging browser
1 pcIt is used for browsing acquired sonar images on a computer not installed with sonar collection software or connected with sonar equipment.
Pipeline testing data acquisition handbook

1 pcPipePAD can perform GPS positioning of operation spots;
2. Testing information (GPS coordinates of operating spots, operating personnel, operating time, number of test well, number of connector well, the type, material, pipe diameter, and feature point of tested pipeline, ancillary facilities, embedded depth, construction year, ownership unit, file name of testing file and preliminarily-determined typical defects, etc) can be acquired on the spot and uploaded to the server for classification and storage;
3. It can ensure the uniqueness of pipeline testing results in 4D space.
PipeSonar pipeline sonar image determination
report software
1set1.It is suitable for previewing testing images generated by X4 pipeline sonar imaging testing system, adding testing information, intercepting the defect images and adding determination descriptions, etc;
2. The determination result data can be generated as an image-character testing report (including project information, project overview, defect distribution schematic, equipment testing introduction, operation flow diagram, defect statistics, detailed defect chart, etc.);
3. It can export the determination result as universal ShapeFile interface data for GIS platform;
4. It provides an electronic map lookup function , with which we can mark the positions of operation testing spots, look up the corresponding testing data, determination information and defect pictures of operation spots;
5. It can export the defect distribution map as a grid format for data reporting and reading.

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