Mach square mesh, FRP material gate

Mach's Square mesh, FRP material gating Product Description:  Specification  Bearing bar thickenss(top/bottom)6.0/5.0Bearing bar center distance38Opening Area65%WeightAbout 9.8 kg/m2Force direction Bidirectional Sample time7 days If you want to customize your product

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Mach's Square mesh, FRP material gating 

Product Description: 
Bearing bar thickenss(top/bottom)6.0/5.0
Bearing bar center distance38
Opening Area65%
WeightAbout 9.8 kg/m2
Force direction Bidirectional 
Sample time7 days If you want to customize your product and logo
1 day for our existing samples for reference
OEM AcceptedYes

Related Sizes: 
Specs for FRP  Grating
Item   NoMax   Panel Size(mm)Mesh(mm)Thickness(mm)Weight(kg/M2)

Why FRP:

1.Light weight, FRP is up to 70% lighter than steel
2.High Strength, a high strength-to-weight ratio when compared to traditional materials
   like metal,wood.
3.Corrosion resistance in the harshest environment and chemical exposures,
   thus less maintenance.
4.Slip resistant
5.Long service life
6.Low installation cost
7.Impact resistant Electrically & Thermally Non-conductive
8.Fire retardent

About Mach's:

1.A professional FRP grating manufacturer 10 years' experience in production and management
2.Approved by ISO, ABS, SGS, ASTM E84
3.Professional sales team
4.Over 100 professional workers
5.Provide high quality products 
6.Good after sales
7.Products acknowledged by many countries like USA, England, Germany, etc. 

Mach's is your best choice and we can provide customorized service. 

Our Workshop:

Our Certificates:

Our Warehouse:

Welcome to visit our facory and we shall warmly show you around. 

Our Packing and delivery System: 

Before delivery, we shall conduct FAT (visual inspect & load test) and  provide relative reports. If required by our customer, there shall be third party, and provide reports like ABS, SGS.
Besides, check the package carefully and ensure that the package meet our customer's requirements. Take photos and send to customer for approval.
All the products shall be delivered to your site intact. Believe in us.  

Our Services: 

Pre-sale service: 
1. Custom design 
2. Product Consulting
3. Provide samples within 7 days

After-sale Service; 
1. Short Delivery time
2. Installation Instructions
3. 24h Consulting Service
4. Quality Compliants solving 

Our Promise: 

1. All items shall be furnished only by manufacturers having a minimum of ten (10) years experience in the design and manufacture of similar products and systems. Additionally, if requested, a record of at least five (5) previous, separate, similar successful installations in the last five (5) years shall be provided.
2. We shall offer a 3 year limited warranty on all FRP products against defects in materials and workmanship.
3. We shall provide proof, via independent testing less than six months old, that materials proposed as a solution do not contain heavy metals in amounts greater than that allowed by current EPA requirements.

How we deal with customers' complaints? 
1.Accept complaints from our customers
2. Our sales team and QC team shall contact customers and investigate
(Analysis and fast reply within 24 hours)
3.Communicate and customers provide defect products' pictures or vedios,
or if necessary, go onsite for investigation
4.Find out the root cause and provide solutions and reports to our customers
5.Confirm customer's loss and provide qualified products ASAP and close the case

We promise we shall treat every customer's complaint carefully ! 


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?    
A: We are a manufacture as you can see our workshops' photos herein.
Q: What is your payment term?    
A: T/T, L/C, paypal, etc can be accepted.
Q: Can I place sample order first?      
A: Yes, we can provide sample first for your check.
Q:What kind of trade terms can you do?      
A: FOB, CIF, EXW, etc can be accpetd. 
Q: How to get to your factory?      
A: In nantong, we have Xindong Airport. If there is flight, you can first come to Xindong Airport, and then we shall go there and accept you. If there is not flight,  it is possible to go to Shanghai Airport (Hongqiao, Pudong are both okay), and then we shall pick up you there. 
Q: What features should I consider when choosing FRP gratings?      
A: You should consider your specific application in regards to environment, span, open area, impact resistance and layout utilization.
Q: Why is molded grating more corrosion resistant than pultruded grating of the same resin type?      
A: Resin protects the glass fibers from corrosive chemicals. Molded grating has 65% - 70% resin whereas pultruded grating has only 30 - 35% resin. Secondly, molded grating is one-piece        homogeneous construction whereas pultruded grating is assembled into panels. The corrosion   barrier of the pultruded pieces are compromised when holes are drilled into components for panel assembly.   
Q: What is the leading time for the samples?      
A: Normally 7 to 10 working days.
Q: What is the leading time for bulk order?      
A: Normally 30 to 40 working days.
Q: Do you have the MOQ for the products?      
A: No, we do not have any MOQ, 1pcs, 1 square meters is available for us. 
Q: Do you have detailed and professional installation manuals?      
A: Yes, we have. And we shall provide along with the shipping.

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