Dn50 Flanged Variable Area Glass Flow Meters Calibrated by Krohne Equipment for Water or Air Use

Technology:Model: FA10-50Size: DN50Measuring range: water (20 ºC)  400 ~ 10000 L/h                              air (20 ºC, 101325Pa)  12 ~ 300 m3 / h

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Model: FA10-50
Size: DN50
Measuring range: water (20 ºC)  400 ~ 10000 L/h
                              air (20 ºC, 101325Pa)  12 ~ 300 m3 / h
Range scale: 10:1
Accuracy : 1.6 (according to directive VDI / VDE 3513)
Max. operating pressure:  0 ~ 0.7 MPa
Operating temperature: -5 ~ +120ºC
Connection type:flange
Description: The connection type can be customized.

1. Show fluid directly
2. Superior economic performance
3. Precise measurement
4. Unique viscosity amendation
5. Humanized safety design
6. Installing and maintaining conveniently
7. Measured the tiny flowrate easily

Product description:
In 1989, our company introduced the technique and equipment form KROHNE
company in Germany to produced introduced glass metering cone, compared with the same type in domestic, it has the advantages of high precision, good interchangeability, widely measuring range, variable connection type, installation and maintenance conveniently .etc, also according to the temperature, pressure, density, viscosity of the fluid to  provide the flow scale of different fluid, different state, different viscosity, easily solve the problem of  amending the indication value.
Important declare: In order to protect the legal benefit between our  company and KROHNE company in Germany, Changzhou Shuanghuan Thermo~technical Instrument Co.,Ltd is the only legal manufacturer in China to manufacture the DK800 series, VA10/20 series, SA10/20 series, GA24 series. The product specification is our company owned exclusive.

Other description:
This product use the best material and advanced manufacturing technique.Every finished product have to inspect.The regular type of product is in stock and have the most efficient delivery time. Max. production capacity:5 thousands sets.The normal delivery time after ordered: 7 workdays.This product have exported to Finland,Korea,etc. Clients like Laser Gas Oy,etc.

Our company established in 1957 and have more than 50 years experience of manufacturing thermal instrument.We rank 5 in our profession industry.Products have exported to France, United States,United Kingdom,Spain,Finland, Germany, India, Korea, Turkey for more than 20 years.Our clients like Airliquide Group in France, Laser Gas Oy in Finland,Kaltech engineering & refrigeration Pte,Ltd, etc. Export amount exceeded to 100 thousands sets.

Product standard:
The quality standard is : Q320400RC001-2008, and according to ISO9001:2008 to control the quality.Each product has to inspect contain leak tightness test, pressure test, etc. We ask our supplier provide test report of raw material, each electrical element has to detect, so every finished product has factory test report and data record.We introduced special technique and equipment from
KROHNE in Germany, 228 sets fabrication and gauging equipment to calibrate the flowmeter,  and also NCM,milling machine,grinding machine from Japan to ensure the accuracy of the spare part. Self-production proportion of spare part up to 90%
Capability of product research and development:
Every series product team is consist of a senior engineer and several technical engineers. When we receive the technical request different to exist product, we can customize  the product by technical drawing or customize according to the sample.The sampling period is 20 workdays. 



Calibrate by Krohne Equipment Dn50 Flange Connection Variable Area Glass Flowmeter for Water or Air Use
Calibrate by Krohne Equipment Dn50 Flange Connection Variable Area Glass Flowmeter for Water or Air Use
ModelMeasuring RangePress Lose(Pa)
Basic TypeWater    (20 ºC L/H)Air (1.013×10 5 Pa
 20 ºC ,M 3 /h)


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