2022-05-19 09:42:42 By : Mr. Paul Ding

PTSC Marine Mechanical Services Company Limited (PTSC M&C) has a need to purchase goods and services for the Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm (HLOSS) project of the investor Hai Long 2 & Hai Long 3, offshore Taiwan, as detailed below.In order to search for new qualified suppliers for the project, PTSC M&C would like to invite interested suppliers to submit their resumes according to the instructions below.PTSC Mechanical and Construction Co., Ltd.(PTSC M&C) is going to purchase material and services for Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm (HLOSS) Project of Hai Long 2 Offshore Wind Power Co., Ltd.& Hai Long 3 Offshore Wind Power Co., Ltd., Offshore Taiwan and would like to pre-qualify new capable vendors for this project.Should any vendor be interested in this project, please submit the pre-qualification documents in accordance with the below instructions.1. Project name - Project: Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm Project2. Project implementation time - Project schedule: from-from 09/2021 to-to 03/20243. Work locations: Vung Tau Vietnam and offshore Taiwan-Vung Tau, Vietnam and offshore Taiwan.4. Pre-qualification document submission location: submit by email to the address specified in the pre-qualification document-submission via email to the address specified in the Pre-qualification instruction.5. Pre-qualification document submission deadline: 14 hours, March 14, 2022 – 2 PM 14th March 2022 (Vietnam time zone).6. Instructions and pre-qualification application form are posted on the following link. Please access the below link to download the instruction to bidders and pre-qualification questionnaire: -MC/3b2bd07. List of goods and services - List of material and services:Flexible Hose & Quick CouplingPiping Bulk, Stub Bolts, Nuts and GasketsWorkshop Package (including material handling)HVAC ducting and Bulk materialPiping Bulk for Grouting systemTopside special & primary steel (Priority items)Topside special & primary steelATM Carbon Steel Tank PackageTopsides Tertiary Steel & Miscellaneous materialsJacket and Piles Special, Primary & Secondary Steel (Priority items)E&I tray, ladder and accessoriesJacket and Piles Primary & Secondary SteelE&I Steel Support (Universal support)E&I cable gland and accessoriesJ-Tube Bending Service (incl. mother pipes)Field Instruments (transmitters, switches, gauges...)Instrument Tubing, Fitting & ValvesPreliminary technical information and quantities of each type of goods and services are provided in detail according to the above link.Please access the above link to see more detailed technical requirements and quantities.Any questions or requests for clarification should be sent to the contact below no later than 14/03/2022 Should there be any query, please contact the below persons no later than 14th March 2022:Mr. Tran Dang Luu (email:;Ms. Nguyen Hoang Yen (email: