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Placing a mop sink incorrectly may lead to plumbing leakage and malfunctioning. So to prevent this, we will tell you how to install a mop sink on simple steps. So that your cleaning staff or you can take full advantage of cleaning mops in it.

You need to find a smooth location with a drainage connection to establish a mop sink. Then, add the pipe, level it, check for cracks, place it and seal it completely. Moreover, you can also install a spray with it for further usage.

Mop sinks are found on janitorial rooms to wash and drain cleaning mops. They are a part of commercial industries as well as institutions for proper cleaning. However, there is much confusion regarding installation of mop sink.

Mop sinks are installed on the ground and are big enough to drain cleaning buckets as well as mops. It is composed of sheet molding compound. This material makes it tough and crack resistant.

First of all, check the location where you want to install the sink.  Before plumbing a sink , one should remember to see that the side walls should have tiles or FRP to prevent damage from splashes. Also, the floor should ideally be even.

After selecting the location, it’s time to take a connection out of the main drain pipe. Cut a part of the main drain pipe and where you want to make a connection. Cut it evenly with a saw.

 Now take another PVC pipe that will be attached to the sink. Connect these two pipes with a wye fitting. Seal them completely from outside. Now your drainage area is established.

The drain pipe that will connect with the mop sink should ideally be in the center. It means that its center should be twelve inches for every side. This makes installation smoother and uniform. Plus it requires minimal fittings.

Make sure to seal the drainage connection properly so there is no leakage while using the mop sink.

The drainage pipe would be sticking out of the floor. Place the mop sink hole on the pipe for trial to estimate the average length. Now trim the excessive pipe with the hacksaw. Make sure there is no angle in cutting and the pipe surface is levelled.

You should use the plumber’s grease on the side of the sink and pipe. It will help in smoother sitting of one on another while creating minimal resistance. The pipe should be six inches in diameter for a proper fitting of the mop sink.

The drain pipe should be straight. There is no room for an inclined pipe. A leaning pipeline would not allow the mop sink installation. Moreover you have to do a ton of fittings to make it work properly.

Before placing the mop sink, dry out and check for cracks. If there are any cracks or damages on corners, instantly replace it with a new one.

Now it’s time to hook up a mop sink by connecting it through the drain pipe. Lubricate the sides of holes with plumber grease. Then gently pass the drain pipe through the sink’s hole. Make sure the fitting is even by giving little taps on the pipe.

Your sink should not move or wobble after final placement. If it does, you can place the rubber shim underneath to level it. In case you don’t want to use rubber shim, you can replace it with extra sands to attach it with the walls in the situation of unequal floor.  You can attach to others with all or the floor, which works best in both cases.

There should be no gaps between the pipe and the sink. And to ensure that, you will use the rubber seal. Push and tap it in the hole tightly. Once it’s inserted, you can place the sink cap and your mop sink is installed.

You can install a sprayer in the mop sink through the water supply pipe. First of all, turn off the main water supply. Then adjust your mounting hole according to the sprayer size.  You can attach the hose with the mounting hole. Seal the spaces in the connection with some plumbing putty. Then let the putty dry.

Connect the spray with the hose while putting the rubber gasket between to secure the connection. Connect it to the water diverter by screwing the hose and converter through the hex nut.

After the connection is secure, reopen the water supply and check the spray. Make sure the seals and connections are dried up before opening the waterline.

A mop sink is very useful for household as well as industrial purposes. It omits the necessity of carrying heavy water buckets to lift and drain them. However, one should know the steps to assemble it perfectly. This is because any misstep would lead to defects in draining or in placing.

So for a perfect mop sink placement, one should firstly get a drainage connection for the ground. Then they can cut, trim and place the mop sink. 

You can also install a sprayer in the mop sink to clean your buckets and mops. But the requirement is there should be a water connection. Then you can easily attach the sprayer through the hose in the sink.

We are hopeful that your query regarding how to install a mop sink is completely answered. And if you have any queries, you can ask in the comments.

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