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Improving system performance, efficiency and reliability

Improving System Performance, Efficiency & Reliability

Through our SPIG™ cooling system operations, B&W Environmental supplies an extensive range of turnkey cooling systems. Since 1936, we have designed, engineered, installed, upgraded and serviced cooling systems.

Our range of capabilities include basic technical assistance and field service support as well as installation, commissioning and start up, performance testing and optimization, including recommendations for upgrades, energy savings and wet-dry conversions.

A dedicated, multi-disciplined after-sales team is committed to executing projects successfully and in compliance with various international engineering standards. We have successfully completed many equipment upgrade projects while the plant is operating, reducing or eliminating downtime.

Wet Cooling Tower Products and Replacement Parts Brochure (PDF)

Wet and Dry Cooling System Services Brochure (PDF)

UNICO Online Monitoring Brochure (PDF)

As a leading worldwide supplier of SPIG™ cooling system solutions, we provide comprehensive after-sales services including operational support, maintenance, training, upgrades and replacement parts.

Our replacement components for wet cooling towers are reliable and proven to keep your equipment operating at optimum efficiency levels, regardless of original manufacturer. Quality components are available for quick delivery from a worldwide network of service locations to provide you with continuous and safe plant operation.

SPIG wet cooling system film fill turns water droplets produced by distribution nozzles into a thin film for highly efficient cooling by producing a large area for effective heat transfer and evaporation.

We use high-quality materials to help extend the lifetime of the cooling tower and reduce the frequency of component replacement.

In applications with particularly dirty process water, our SPIG LC fill type was developed to achieve the best compromise between high-thermal performance and water containing higher amounts of contaminants.

Our film fill protection device is designed to protect against damage to spray nozzles and the film fill upper layer in applications where water contains high levels of contaminants such as sand or debris. This device is composed of PVC-extruded pipes and PP spacers to be assembled onsite, and positioned on the upper surface of film fill. It is available in varying lengths to fit into any cooling tower dimension.

We provide a wide range of SPIG splash fill components to facilitate heat transfer capability by maximizing water/air contact. Our wide range of splash fill components were developed based on extensive field experience, particularly with water which is prone to clogging, such as sea and geothermal water.

Effectively designed distribution nozzles help ensure a uniform delivery of water over the fill. SPIG ECOJET and NEW STATIC distribution nozzles have been developed after extensive and successful performance test results and are proven in many installations.

Our ECOJET and NEW STATIC distribution nozzles provide versatility, high reliability and outstanding performance, and can be manufactured with V2 as per UL-94 standards for self-extinguishing properties.

Installed above the distribution level, drift eliminators play an important role by capturing water droplets entrapped in the air stream that otherwise would be lost to the atmosphere. Current SPIG drift eliminator designs have been developed and refined through the years based on field applications and performance testing.

Typical noise abatement devices are available as baffles at the air inlet and/or on top of fan stacks, mechanical equipment coffins, and low-noise cladding made from FRP. In addition, our Impact Attenuation Wave (IA-Wave) noise attenuation system can be installed to reduce high-frequency noise produced by water fall from fills to water in the basin. This system consists of special inclined profiles adequately spaced to allow for quick drainage of the falling water. The system is composed of high-quality PVC-extruded elements packed by PP spacers and is installed over the water level in the basin, typically on FRP beams.

Air inlet louvers are available to reduce the potential for debris to enter the basin at the cooling tower air inlet. The device is also helpful to avoid the risk of algae and bacteria propagation caused by direct sunlight shining on the basin water. Constructed with PVC light gray thermoformed panels in a standard width of 65 mm, we can also customize panel dimensions to fit most cooling tower applications and FRP support elements.

For hybrid cooling towers, we can provide heat exchangers with a multi-row bundle configuration. Our controlled aluminum finning process is adaptable for G or L fin configurations with different FPI and pipe diameters from 1 in. to over 2 in. This provides the flexibility for a wide range of applications.

A wide range of fan stack diameters and heights can be supplied through reliable partners utilizing SPIG proprietary molds. Flanged fan stack connections are typical, but an overlapped design can also be supplied when requested. Typical material is standard polyester resin or fire-retardant FRP with FSI<25 as per ASTM codes.

We have developed many other exclusive components to facilitate installation or reduce transportation costs, such as spacers for FRP structures and sleeves, FRP main column supports, and basin shims. We can also supply:

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